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Limited Online Visibility

If your business isn't showing up where it counts, you're leaving money on the table. We'll get your name out there in front of the right eyes, boosting your site's rank on search engines so clients can find you first.

Non-existent or Ineffective Website

A missing or poorly built website is like a job site without the right tools—ineffective. We're here to build you an online sales tool that works as hard as you do, drawing in leads and showcasing your expertise.

A Leaky Sales System & Offer

If your sales funnel has more holes than a job site after a rainstorm, you're losing potential business. We'll patch it up with a compelling offer and a streamlined system to capture and convert leads.

Inconsistent Lead Flow

If you’re always on the hunt, searching for your next potential lead, not knowing where it's going to come from, Our team will run highly targeted traffic to your site, ensuring that you receive a steady flow of prospects wanting to do business with you.

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Outdoor Builds & Landscaping - Designer & Architect

Advertising & Web Design

This company was generating on average 20/mon. The owner gathered a few proposals from other marketing agencies but could not find a team that could design a growth strategy that fit his business's specific needs until he found Rev Construct. We successfully built and designed a sales funnel, crafted a unique offer to bring to market, built a professional SEO-friendly website, and started his paid advertising campaigns, resulting in a huge success. In a short 5 weeks, we managed to bring this client over $140,000 + in new proposals, and he successfully landed his first $26,000 bid through our marketing efforts and continues to scale each month. 

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Midtex Abatement - Asbestos Removal & Demolition

SEO & Web Design

Mid-Tex Abatement came to us with almost zero website traffic and desperately needed a revamp. It had a goal of dominating its market through organic search in Texas. After working with our team we successfully redesigned his website with an emphasis on SEO best practices and saw a 150% increase in site traffic within a matter of 60 days. Now the company is expanding there paid advertising efforts and wanting to expanding into new territories. 

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Koehler Hauling -Dumpster Rental

Web Design & Advertising

When Koehler Hauling came to us, they had ZERO visibility online and zero digital footprint. We knew that the competition around his industry was very competitive, and we knew we had to deliver a responsive, streamlined website that acted as a primary lead machine for his business. Once the site was created, we set up local targeted search campaigns, and the results were astonishing. The company experienced a 20% increase in revenue, month over month, and a short 90 days later. They’re gearing up for expansion, growing their sales team, securing more equipment, and increasing their brand awareness and digital marketing efforts.

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Raise Home Services - Handyman Services

Digital Advertising & SEO Services

Raise Services wanted to increase its website traffic, digital marketing, and brand-building efforts. After deep diving into their business, we understood the company's direction and helped them craft a strategy they could bring to market that would help them stand out as an authoritative brand in their space. After revamping the company’s website with search engine-rich content, setting up highly targeted advertising campaigns, and restructuring the website, the company was able to reposition itself as a brand and not just another company in the space. The result? The business sees steady leads through his website, and he wants to hire more subcontractors while expanding into new territories.

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Drive Real Results

Every business is different, that is why our "one size does not fit all" approach to growing your business works so well. 

If you want to experience real, predictable growth for your home service or contracting business. Book a call with our team today.

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If you're not generating quality leads every single week from your website OR you do not have a website, keep reading.

Full Transparency: Here is exactly what you'll receive.

This package includes over $10,000.00 in deliverables,  completely free!

Blueprint for Brilliance

A Full Website Build
Your website should be your #1 sales tool for your business. Our team will build a fast, responsive website that showcases your services, expertise, portfolio, and core values.

Lead Magnet Masterplan

A Dedicated Lead Generation Funnel
This is a page that lives within your website and is designed to capture your target audience and attract more qualified customers.

Offer Architecture

High-value offer creation
A deep dive into your business with our experts to help you craft an offer that not only attracts leads but captivates them.

SEO & Copywriting Craftsmanship

Tier-1 SEO Package
You'll have our team of SEO strategists and professional copywriters research and re-write all of your on-page content so you can turn clicks into clients.

AdVantage Accelerator

Ongoing Campaign Optimization
Our team of paid media buyers will research the market, spy on the competition, and optimize & scale your ad campaigns based on your newly crafted offer.

Unbreakable Foundation

1-Year of Web Hosting & Maintenance (Free)
We're including an entire year's worth of website hosting and maintenance fees, completely free!

Our Guarantee

We're so confident in our results, if we're not able craft a fast, responsive website and generate qualified leads for your business within the next 60 days, we'll work for free until we do.

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