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Partnering with Construction Brands to establish an online identity that promotes authority and attracts talent

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Contractors are the lifeblood of local economies…

Contractors are the backbone of progress, from building bridges to mending leaky faucets. Beyond hammers and nails, they wield expertise, ingenuity, and the power to transform. Every brick, every beam, tells a story. Contractors are the men and women that turn blueprints into dreams and aspirations.

A man assisting the direction of the concrete form with the help from a crane

Elevating Brands That Rise Above the Ordinary

Let your brand be the foundation upon which trust and reputation are built, as solid and enduring as the structures you create. Make clients see you as the trusted builder, not just the lowest bid. Let your brand command respect before you even pick up a tool.

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Crafting Your Narrative, Through Authentic Storytelling

Show the world not just what you build but why it matters. Your narrative showcases your craftsmanship, integrity, and the lasting impact you leave on the world around you. Every project is a chapter in your story; turn those chapters into sustainable growth for your company.

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Position Yourself to Attract Talent and the Next Generation

Let your brand become a beacon that attracts talent. Show future prospects how construction shapes lives. Highlight the opportunities for innovation, community impact, and personal growth that await those who choose to build their careers in construction.

How we help contractors build trust & authority

For contractors, trust comes from proven results. We leverage project testimonials, case studies, visual storytelling, and innovative brand-building to solidify your reputation. Connect with clients on a deeper level by building lasting relationships, not just contracts.
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Our Recent Case Studies …

Koehler Hauling

Web Design & Marketing

When Koehler Hauling came to us, they had ZERO visibility online and zero digital footprint. We knew that the competition around his industry was very competitive, and we knew we had to deliver a responsive, streamlined website that acted as a primary lead machine for his business. Once the site was created, we set up local targeted search campaigns, and the results were astonishing. The company experienced a 20% increase in revenue, month over month, and a short 90 days later. They’re gearing up for expansion, growing their sales team, securing more equipment, and increasing their brand awareness and digital marketing efforts.

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Raise Home Services

Digital Advertising & SEO Services

Raise Services wanted to increase its website traffic, digital marketing, and brand-building efforts. After deep diving into their business, we understood the company's direction and helped them craft a strategy they could bring to market that would help them stand out as an authoritative brand in their space. After revamping the company’s website with search engine-rich content, setting up highly targeted advertising campaigns, and restructuring the website, the company was able to reposition itself as a brand and not just another company in the space. The result? The business sees steady leads through his website, and he wants to hire more subcontractors while expanding into new territories.

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Showcase your story

We deliver websites that tell stories and drive sales.

Your company should be recognized as a symbol of trust, quality, and excellence. Your brand should leave a lasting impression after the final brick is laid. Because in the end, people won't remember the walls you raised but how you made them feel. We build websites that showcase your expertise, attract top talent, and fuel your business growth.

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Craft a Website That Showcases Your Construction Expertise

Showcasing The Construction Industry Through Creative Web Design and Digital Storytelling.

Site Architecture

It's important to create a clear, organized, and logical sitemap for every website, whether it's a new build or a redesign.

UX Design

Great user experience design (UX design) is critical to page layout, content flow, engagement, and conversion.

UI Design

Creating a beautiful design that's on-brand visually engages the visitor and communicate's your company's personality.

Sales Copywriting

Copywriting is one of the most important aspects of the web design process. The text on your site will make or break its success.

Foundational SEO

With most users browsing on mobile devices, it's critical to build a scalable, maintainable website that looks great on every device.

Responsive Development

With most users browsing on mobile devices, it's critical to build a scalable, maintainable website that looks great on every device.

Accessibility Development

We strive to make sure every web design project adheres to the latest "AA" accessibility (A11y) standards.

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Precision Targeting

Brand stories that convert

After constructing your digital funnel, we direct a steady flow of targeted customers using search and social media strategies. We evaluate performance weekly and fine-tune the funnel to ensure optimal results over time.

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Powerful, Measurable Advertising for Construction Companies

Our search engine teams are dedicated to each brand we work with to ensure their website looks great and functions like a sales funnel and ranks in the search engine, making you the first choice for service.

Targeted Approach

Laser-focus your ads on people actively searching for your services. More qualified leads, less wasted time, and faster project wins.

Brand Storytelling

Forget stock photos and generic messages. We weave your unique brand narrative into every ad, building trust and emotional connection with potential clients.

Client Acquisition

Stop waiting for leads. Start attracting them. Our targeted campaigns fill your pipeline with qualified clients ready to build, not just browse.

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Sustainable Growth

Beyond Local Visibility, Building Loyalty

While showing up in searches is crucial, true success lies in captivating your ideal clients. We craft compelling content and engaging online experiences that establish you as the community expert, building trust and fostering long-term relationships with local customers.

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CAT 308 excavator lifting the concrete safety box out of the holw.

Amplify your Brand in the Local Markets

Our search engine teams are dedicated to each brand we work with to ensure their website looks great, functions like a sales funnel, and ranks in the search engine, making you the first choice for service.

Focused Keywords

Position yourself as the first choice in the local markets. With our tailored SEO strategies, you'll have prospects turning into qualified customers.

Content Optimization

Forget boring brochures. We tell captivating stories through engaging content, establishing you as the local authority and attracting qualified clients who value your expertise.

Community Conversations

Go beyond ads and build local buzz. We connect you with your community through online conversations, turning interested prospects into loyal clients.

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Companies That Trust Us

Our transparent process leaves companies feeling confident, knowing that our team is hard at work, ensuring that their business is a priority. 

Koehler Hauling Services

My business had no digital presence, no website, and just word-of-mouth referrals. I took a chance with Rev Construct, and boom! They built me a killer website and launched some advertisements showcasing my brand, and now my phone is ringing off the hook! I can't keep up with all the leads, and now I am looking for more employees to keep up with demand.

Zek Koehler
Owner / Operator

Raise Building Services

We had a website, sure, but it wasn't doing much for us. We wanted more leads and more traffic being sent to our website. That's when decided to talk with the Rev Construct team. They helped us get out from under our previous marketing company, which we had a solid 6 months of literally no website traffic. They revamped our website, did some raids ads and SEO and I'm finally starting to get noticed in my local area.

Benjamin Wray
Owner / Operator

Midtex Abatement

I appreciate everything the Rev Construct team has done for my business. They completely transformed our company's website, helped us with our SEO strategy, and started to rank us within our local markets in under 90 days. They are continuing to expand into new territories and are helping us in our growth efforts. Keep up the good work team. 

Bret Crayor
Owner / Operator

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